ClassBuilder Indoor Cycling app alternative

UPDATE: App developer Dave Norfleet is available to answer your questions posted below as a comment.

Schwinn Master Trainer Julz Arney showed me an interesting iPhone app when we met at IHRSA. She's been using this app to build her class playlists and was really excited to show it to me.

I'm very tempted to use it (instead of Spotify) simply for the class count-down timer and numbers that are big enough to read with my 52 year old eyes!

Similar to ClassBuilder, MyFitnessDJpro is the creation of developer / Indoor Cycling Instructor David Norfleet.

David's app is available in two paid versions:

  • MyFitnessDJ - $0.99 includes the count-down timer and you can select from a catalog of cues.
  • MyFitnessDJpro - $9.99 gives you the option to create your own cues like what's shown here.

You can also select different background colors to help you instantly understand your intended intensity. If you want , you can add multiple cues to each track and insert them at specific times. It's very entertaining to watch each new cue you've added, pop up right when you've set it - which could be set a few seconds before your change, giving you advanced notice of what's coming next.

This feature could be very helpful when you're trying to communicate a new theme or training objective in your class. Repetition goes a long way toward understanding. Having a number of reminders (to reinforce a specific / new concept) could go a long way toward keeping your message clear, and on point, without feeling you need to bury everyone with details in the first 10 minutes of class.Adding coaching cues and RPM to an Itunes playlist for indoor cycling instructors

The pro version also includes an email playlist function, that you could use to fire off your music to an interested participant. David has also included an option to purchase and download some of his favorite playlists, if you need some external music suggestions.

Very cool.

If you found ClassBuilder too complex, time consuming or confusing - and yet you would like to be able to quickly add some easy to read notes to your iTunes playlist, MyFitnessDJ could be worth a look.



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