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Do you ever have a week where you're a 'day off'? That was me this week- I was a day behind- many apologies for this week's Free Music Friday showing up on Saturday!

Never being a good vinyl, 8 track, cassette or CD music buyer because I tire of music so quickly, Spotify is great for me. If I choose a song more than once, randomly coming across it, I know I truly like it.

That's what happened with this song. Plus, there's a really good free download- in fact I'm going to use the free download instead of the original this time around.

Funny story about this band....years ago (our kids couldn't drive- so at least 9 years ago), John picked up our daughters and niece from this concert and was APPALLED at the language he heard. FYI, there is a 'hell no' in this song if that's offensive to you or your class.

The original version is 80 rpm's and 3:46. Last year, I used it coming out of intense climbing work when I still wanted everyone engaged and working hard before a reset or lower intensity work.

The free download is a bit faster at 90 rpm's and puts up the same time at 3:45. Now I'm using it for some harder flat road work.

Here is 3OH!3 and 'Back to Life':

The Spotify link:


And your free Soundcloud download:

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