Free Class Music from ICI/PRODo you find yourself using the same kind/ genre of music for specific work? For example, does most of  your 'climb' music sound much the same, and your 'flat road' music has a tell tale sound as well?

Mine does! When my daughters hear my playlist they'll say, "Oh, this is a climb", or "Is this a flat?"

But every once in awhile, it's fun to throw everyone for a loop and ask for high intensity work with a hypnotic sound. It encourages feeling and embracing the work on a different level.[wlm_private 'PRO-Platinum|PRO-Monthly|PRO-Gratis|PRO-Seasonal|Platinum-trial|Monthly-trial|PRO-Military|30-Days-of-PRO|90 Day PRO|Stages-Instructor|Schwinn-Instructor|Instructor-Bonus|28 Day Challenge']

This song, from the 25 year old Canadian, Kiesza, is 4:27 long, with rpm's of 65. It's highly motivating for a top effort climb, but promotes a 'look within' while doing it.

Perhaps I'm taking too much yoga? 🙂

Enjoy Kiesza and "Hideaway":

The Spotify link:

Kiesza — Hideaway ( Angela van Baal Mix ) [ Peter G ReWeRk ]

This will be an easier download link Right Click - Save As.

Fun track, yes? [/wlm_private]

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