There's plenty of times when a fun, lighthearted flat is exactly what your participants (and maybe you) need between a pair of threshold efforts. You'll give everyone permission to recover and lighten up, by offering up a noticeable change in the music, from really intense - to free and easy. You won't have to say a word. Let your music dictate everything and watch as riders relax and smile.

I discovered [wlm_private 'PRO-Platinum|PRO-Monthly|PRO-Gratis|PRO-Seasonal|Platinum-trial|Monthly-trial|PRO-Military|30-Days-of-PRO|90 Day PRO|Stages-Instructor|Schwinn-Instructor|Instructor-Bonus|28 Day Challenge']Tori Kelly and her track Unbreakable Smile while I was doing one of my "power sampling" sessions. It's one of the few multitasking activities I find I can do effectively = bouncing between replying to emails and scrolling through to music, listening for the aha moment; "that could work!" Unfortunately, if you're working one of the Top 50 lists you have to wade through a bunch of foul (this crap is popular?) before you find anything of value.

Occasionally you're rewarded by a real gem 🙂

Don't forget to have a "Future to Use" Folder where you can compile these tracks for your next playlist. Up at the top navigation > File > New Playlist Folder to create an unlimited number. I have sub folders, inside the main folder, based on RPM > Unbreakable Smile is tucked into my 90ish RPM folder!

Just make sure what follows is super intense. We don't want them going easy for too long... do we?[/wlm_private]


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