Looks like they're off to a good start :)

Looks like they're off to a good start 🙂

There's a lot of pressure on clubs and studios to upgrade to the latest technology... those basic, conventional bikes just don't cut it when there's a new competitor down the street.

So what does a struggling fitness studio do to come up with the cash (two grand or more per cycle) for a room full of the latest from Schwinn, Star Trac, Keiser or FreeMotion?

How about running an online fundraising campaign to raise the money? Could that ever work?

We will know next month when Ypsi Studio closes their indiegogo campaign on September 21st. They're running what they call SchWinning at Ypsi Studio. Owner Julia Collins is hoping to raise enough money to upgrade to new Schwinn AC Performance Indoor Cycles for her Ypsilanti, Michigan studio.

From an article at mlive.com

With clients looking to stay on track with the most up to date exercise equipment, Ypsi Studio owner Julia Collins has launched a Indiegogo campaign to help raise the money needed to upgrade the indoor-cycling bikes the studio is currently using.

“I”™m a small-business person and I”™ve been in this business for 10 years. Gradually over those 10 years I”™ve expanded from a tiny one room place to a place with two floors and different classes and several employees,” Collins said. “Every time I was making profits, I was putting it right back into the business.”

However, those profits are not enough to upgrade the equipment for her customers.

Collins is hoping to raise $25,000 so the studio can purchase 13 new indoor-cycling bikes. Currently the studio has several bikes they”™re using that are in good condition, but they”™re nearly 10 years old.

According to the campaign website the bikes the studio is looking to purchase are comparable to bikes offered in other fitness studios in the area. They will not only allow the user to exercise, but also monitor RPM, calories burned, heart rate and how long you've been riding.

Didn't the author leave out the most important part? Power!

Good luck with this Julia! I've made a note to follow up with the results of her campaign. You can learn more and pledge your support here.


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