Image from Rate your Burn

Image from Rate your Burn

Saw this posted on Facebook and just had to share it. The author, Victoria, is a triathlete, runner and fashion blogger at - she's also a raving fan of GRIT Cycle in Costa Mesa, California.


  1. You plan your entire week around the spin class schedule.

  2. You”™ve lost interest in designer clothing and shoes and are suddenly obsessed with seeking out the latest “on trend” spin leggings.

  3. The mere thought of your favorite instructor switching schedules, going on vacation or (god forbid) leaving, throws you into a tail spin.

  4. Whenever you hear a new song you immediately categorize it by BPM and if it would be a sprint, climb, or push and tap song.

You'll find the rest of Victoria's 10 signs you are addicted here.

GRIT Cycle was a project of Barbara Hoots from Indoor Cycle Design. One of owners is Marisa Wayne, daughter of The Duke - actor John Wayne.  I haven't been there myself, but the place sounds like it incorporates Barbara's usual attention to detail - described here in an earlier post from Victoria:

These guys did it right from the moment of conception to the day they opened the doors and they continue to do it right. Nothing is an afterthought. Every attention to detail has been carefully planned and executed. The saddle room (more about the name later) has wide sliding glass doors that open to a deck with lounge furniture where you can bask in the sun before or after class. You may be temporarily blinded to the fact that you are about to work your ass off and think you are at a resort in Palm Springs, the only thing missing being the pool.


Notice that these are custom painted Schwinn Performance AC Indoor Cycles and the Instructor bike on the stage is a unique color.

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