Ticker Bluetooth and Ant+ Heart Rate Monitor

Finally a Heart Rate strap with both Bluetooth and Ant+ connectivity 🙂


I've been using a new TICKER Heart Rate Monitor straps - I'm excited to tell you about them + they'll be awesome used with the new Apple Smartwatch.

The guys at Wahoo Fitness emailed me today about their new line of HR straps that send out both BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Ant+ frequencies. About time someone thought to offer both in the same monitor strap! 

Up until now, your decision about what monitor strap to purchase was based on what device you wanted to connect with:

  • I want to connect to my iPhone / smart phone = you buy a bluetooth strap. Bluetooth is the only signal your phone can pair with.
  • I want to connect to a Garmin bike computer or use the strap with Performance IQ's display system = you purchase an ANT+ strap.

This new TICKR strap has both Bluetooth and ANT+ and it doesn't cost anymore than most single frequency straps - that's awesome in my book!

They've solved a second problem  

How many times have you felt like saying; "IS THIS DAMN THING ON?

No Heart Rate strap, that I've ever seen, gives you any understanding that it's working. Is the battery good or dead? Do I need more spit to get it connected? I'm seeing that these new TICKR straps have two colored LED lights to show the TICKR”™s device connection and heart rate detection - more awesomeness - and no more wasted trips to Walgreen's to buy one of those ridiculously expensive little flat batteries, when that isn't the problem.

Ticker Bluetooth and Ant+ Heart Rate Monitor connection LEDs

I can't wait to try one and will update you once I have.

You can learn more here.


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