Spinning Instructor and ICI/PRO Member Bill Roach
ICI/PRO Member Bill Roach joins me to discuss his "Four Reasons Why You Should Consider a Newsletter for Your Spinning® Indoor Cycling Students.

Bill Roach is a Star 3 Certified Spinning Instructor and NASM certified Personal Trainer in Des Moines, Iowa. He served thirty years as a communications expert in the Iowa Attorney General”™s Office before he took early retirement this year to devote more time to his fitness career. He has also been a long distance competitive cyclist competing in 24-hour and cross-state races.

Do you ever feel that you just can”™t say everything you want during the course of teaching your indoor cycling class? Would you like an additional opportunity to teach, communicate, and bond with your students to keep them coming back? You might consider a newsletter for your students as a “value added” benefit. It”™s easier than you may think. This is the first of two Podcasts covering the basics of writing a newsletter. In this episode, you'll learn the benefits of providing a newsletter for your students.
- Retention. The most tangible benefit of a newsletter is that it builds student
loyalty and retention. If you are paid on the basis of class attendance, retention is
your lifeblood. Even if you aren”™t, retention is one measure of your success as an
instructor for your management. And bigger classes are just more fun to teach.
- Authority. The use of a newsletter distinguishes you as an instructor that will go
the extra mile. It also establishes you as someone who is knowledgeable about
health and fitness. This credibility makes your students more confident in your
knowledge and your teaching.
- Teaching. A newsletter offers the opportunity to explain training concepts in
detail, a conversation not possible while riding during class time. You can
address periodization, threshold training, and contraindications while your
students can give these important concepts their full attention. And you can
coordinate the newsletters to your class plans to further encourage learning.
- Bonding. Most important for me, a newsletter is a way to further the remarkable
bond between indoor cycling students and their instructor. A newsletter should be
personal in style - but not too much about the author. It should make readers and
students feel a part of an important “club” - which is exactly true! By promoting
the value and identity of that club, classes take on a more cohesive feel making
them more fun to teach!

Does a newsletter sound like something you might like to try? Bill walks us through the process of what you might say in your newsletter and how to deliver it, in an upcoming ICI/PRO Member Podcast.

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