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You only get one chance to make a first impression!

While I've taught a lot of classes on Indoor Cycles that display Power/Watts, this morning was the very first Power based class I've ever taught.  So what's the difference?

65 new FreeMotion Indoor Cycles with Power meters that replaced conventional Spinner NXTs and very willing participants interested in the value training with power will bring to their fitness.

Sunday mornings are my 90 minute endurance class. I have a very devoted following of endurance athletes in attendance. They are all focused on maintaining and/or building their aerobic endurance in preparation for Spring - in other words, the perfect group to introduce power to. In other classes I've taught where we had Power meters, there is too much variation between students... who we have described in earlier posts as Susan and Bob.

OK, now I have the perfect class to begin teaching with Power, new bikes with Power meters, but no idea what I should do for my first class 🙁

So I called the best person I could think of and begged asked her to tell me what I should do for my very first Power based class.

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What follows is Cameron Chinatti's suggestion for your intro class as an Audio PROfile.

Objective: Orientation & Observation

Our ride will consist of two primary objectives: the 1st- to orient ourselves to the console and learn it”™s basic functions. Then we”™ll observe the cause-and-effect relationship that your actions have on the information you see in front of you. Once we make it through 10 min. of orientation and warm-up, we”™ll begin to dive into today”™s goal the two components that drive Power:  Force and Velocity!

Goal: Beginning in STAGE 2, you are going to get 3 opportunities to best yourself against four-minute efforts.  Can you cover more distance with each repetition? This might seem easy on paper, but putting it into practice is very challenging!

After discussing this with Cameron, we decided that we would make the Audio PROfile recording available to everyone. PRO members can click here for the PDF to print out and Cameron's suggested playlist.

Here's the FastFit Guide Cameron uses for bike setup.

Download the transcript of this podcast.



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