The "Heads Up Display" of student's performance data (watts, calories, cadence, HR, etc...) from Performance IQ looks like a fascinating addition to any club or studio. While not for everyone, the competitive element it introduces can make for a very exciting and motivating class experience.

But I had felt Performance IQ it was missing a few things:

  • The pre-class setup (entering all your students into the system) was a lot of work for the Instructor during the frenetic moments before class time.
  • There wasn't any option to collect or retain the each student's data.
  • The system only worked with the Keiser M3  Indoor Cycle.

All of that has changed now that Performance IQ is partnering with ZingFit who has a full-featured management system system for cycling studios. The beauty of this partnership is how well they compliment each other's service


  • Participants can reserve their bike online when they register for class using Zingfit's registration system. This in turn tells Performance IQ who's on which bike. No more need for the Instructor to do anything beyond starting their class and pressing the GO button.
  • Zingfit collects all the ride data from Performance IQ and displays it on a secure section of the Studio's website. Zingfit can even send an email to each of your students at the end of each class.
  • Performance IQ is now compatible with all Power bikes that use Ant+ (FreeMotion S11, Schwinn AC and CycleOps)

Listen to the Podcast below it hear all the details.

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