We're a little less than a month away from the Day Light Savings time change - Sunday, November 6. I've always considered that the un-official start of the Indoor Cycling season; rolling the clock back an hour makes it easier to commit to that 5:30 am class and you're certainly not going to be riding after work... in the dark!

So October can be a great time to polish up on your presentation skills. What follows is one of my all-time favorite interviews, featuring master Educator Lawrence Biscontini. I say favorite because not only was Lawrence a joy to talk to, but the importance of delivering a well crafted class introduction really helped to improve my classes.

Give it a listen and see if you agree.

“Great actors don”™t show up on set and improvise as soon as the camera starts rolling. They practice putting their own personality into the words scripted for them…. Practice delivering your opening and closing scripts and you”™ll be as polished as a professional actor.” So says Lawrence Biscontini in his Scripted Starts and Flawless Finales article in the October 2012 issue of the IDEA Fitness Journal.

Lawrence describes the 8 essential points that he feels you should be including in the first few minutes of your class in this episode of the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast.

After recording this with Lawrence, I felt strongly that including a Scripted Start in every class is another Best Practice that will help improve your class presentation 🙂

Show notes: I reference a past post about creating a theme song.

Next, Lawrence walks our PRO members through the 7 components of an effective (and memorable) transition - he'll explain why you should stop referring to the end of your class as a "cool-down"ICI/PRO Podcast #237 — Scripted Starts and Flawless Finales Part 2

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