Endurance Coach and Author Grant Molyneux joins us to discuss his book Effortless Exercise
and its importance in actually enjoying exercise, while building aerobic fitness & endurance, vs. dreading the thought that it is time to thrash yourself on the bike yet again.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you felt great every time you exercised — every step of the way? What if you could consistently experience the bliss of the runner”™s high or the flow of a perfect swim stoke and benefit from all the positive health benefits of exercise without any of the downside of pain and injury. Imagine what your life would look like if it became effortless to maintain your ideal weight, play with your kids, climb a mountain or participate in a triathlon on any given day, at any given age.

If you answered a resounding “Yes!” then effortless exercise is for you. Whether you”™re a beginner or wanting to win an Ironman triathlon, the principles in this book apply to anyone seeking a deeper experience of exercise. Come on a journey into the Zen state of exercise that will transform your training and help you to achieve more with less. The ideas in this book will help you to go within for a deeper, richer experience that creates sustainable fitness and peak athletic performances through meditative flow states. Fundamentally you”™ll discover the pleasure of exercise and be drawn to move every day because it feels so good to exercise this way.

I'm curious to hear your responses to this. Grant makes a great point how the pendulum of "conventional thinking" tends to swing back and forth... Long and Slow works best - no, wait. HIT is what will make you fitter, faster & thinner.

We discuss working at your Aerobic Threshold VT1 (vs. Anerobic Threshold AT or VT2) during the interview - you can learn more about using Aerobic Threshold Heart Rates to build training zones here.

Listen to Grant's very informative interview on this episode of the Podcast below - or find it on iTunes.


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