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If you're one of the 10,000 Instructors who teach at one of the 300 clubs or studios currently using GroupExPRO to manage class subs and Instructor communications, you can skip listening to this Podcast.

If you're not, please read on...

For Instructors who are tired of; sub requests for class formats you don't teach, the endless string of needless Reply to All mass emails that fill your inbox, the difficulty you have simply finding a sub or worst of all (at least for me) not being notified when there's a class you can teach.

Or maybe you manage your club's Instructor team and are completely overwhelmed by Instructors who can't (or won't) find subs for their own classes and expect you to pull a rabbit out of your hat at the last minute to cover their class - or end up teaching the class yourself.


Either way you'll want to take a few moments to listen to this interview with Schwinn Master Trainer Shannon Fable. Shannon is a long time group fitness department manager who, together with her husband, created GroupExPRO to solve the problem of managing the continuous need for fitness class subs.

If you can relate to the frustration I express during this interview Shannon has a simple way for you to forward information about GroupExPRO to the proper person in your organization. Click > to be taken to her referral page. Add your info and your manager's - then please add a short note about how you see this improving your club or studio.

As her way to thank you for your efforts, Shannon will be sending you a $50.00 gift card if your recommendation leads to GroupExPRO being implemented in your facility.

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