Social Media Help for Indoor Cycling Studios

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Marketers have specific names for people, based on how quickly they purchase new products or embrace new technologies. The people who lined up, days in advance, to buy the first iPhones are described as innovators. Those of us who waited a few weeks for our new phone are early adopters. The few holdouts still using a rotary dial phone fall into the laggards category.

It maybe a "guy" thing, but I love new technology and feel I'm a bit of an innovator.  I'm very comfortable experimenting with new software, especially if it includes a promise to improve my fitness or help me deliver a better class. For example; the second I saw Spotify I knew I needed to learn how it worked - both for myself, and then be able to help motivate the thousands of Instructors who visit here use it as well.

When it comes to Social Media, I hate to admit, I haven't been very innovative. Closer to a laggard. I've been privately wishing that FaceBook would fade away. You see, ICI/PRO has always been about others. My response to questions; "so, what do you do John?" has always been; "I have a platform to promote smart, talented and passionate people in our industry".

So after multiple promptings to "get more active on FaceBook" and my realization that it isn't going away any time soon - I have finally decided to do just that... get more active on FaceBook and other platforms. Except I realized that I needed some help.

Enter Social Media expert, blogger and Indoor Cycling Instructor - Courtney Messier Lee 🙂

Courtney makes her living helping businesses develop their brands, online, using the various social media platforms. She has graciously offered to help me, starting with the creation of a FaceBook fan page.
Facebook Group for Spinning Indoor Cycling studio owners

Courtney joins me to discuss her plans to enhance my social profile and some of her ideas may help you as well.

You can learn more about Courtney and the services she offers, by following the (you guessed it) links to her profiles below.

Treadmill Runway
Facebook Fan Page
Facebook Personal


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