Improving climbing power by training indoors

You'll be quicker up Pikes Peak after a winter training indoors with power!

While Performance Enhancement Specialist Dennis Mellon and I were getting warmed up to record his Audio Class PROfile Mashup - HIIT vs. Party on the Bike, we spent a few minutes discussing his thoughts and observations on coaching with power.

Were his participants seeing any improvement after a full winter training indoors with power?

If so, how are they comparing their performance year to year?

Has Star Trac been able to improve the consistence / accuracy of the Blade Ions?

Can we depend on riders bringing their own technology (HR Monitor, iPhone App, ect...) to class for the purpose of tracking performance?

Or is it better to provide rider data/metrics tracking as a service of the studio?

During our conversation Dennis makes an interesting comment about a summer class format, that could be of interest to the cyclists and endurance athletes who abandoned you this Spring. Many training plans call for very specific HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) - which is difficult to complete on the road, but easy to do indoors. It may make sense to ask one of the local endurance coaches in your area if they would be interested in bringing their athletes indoors once a week to your studio.

You can learn more about Dennis here at his website.

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If you'd like to learn more about automated rider data/performance tracking from Performance IQ with the Spinner Blade Ion or any of the other Indoor Cycles with power, please contact me and I'll connect you with the right people.


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