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1/19/2015 In celebration of Martin Luther King Day - I thought it appropriate to re-run this podcast about Major Taylor!

Minnesota author and cycling historian Terry Kerber joins me on this episode of the Podcast to discuss his book; Major Taylor: The Inspiring Story of a Black Cyclist and the Men Who Helped Him Achieve Worldwide Fame.

About Major Taylor
In 1907, amid a time of unspeakable racial cruelty, the world”™s most popular athlete was not pitcher Cy Young or center fielder Ty Cobb. During the height of the Jim Crow era, the world”™s most popular athlete wasn”™t even white. He was an oft-persecuted black bicycle racer who was denied meals, kicked out of hotels, forced to sleep in horse stables, trained by a washed-up former racer, and managed by a pugnacious Irish sports promoter and Broadway producer.

This is the Inspiring story of Major Taylor and the men who helped him achieve worldwide fame…

Greg Lemond writes in his foreword to the book:Black Cyclist Major Taylor Book by Conrad and Terry Kerber

There are so many lessons in the pages of this epic story, but perhaps none are nobler than Taylor”™s transcendent ability to forgive those who tormented him on and off bike tracks. That is why I was honored to speak at the unveiling of the Major Taylor statue at the Worcester Public Library, to stand in the very city that sheltered him from the racial storms a century before. I am equally honored to write the Foreword to this engrossing book, written by two gifted writers and passionate cycling fans that just happen to live near my suburban twin cities home. As the sport of bike racing and our nation attempt to transition to a new and refreshing era of transparency, we would all be well-served to seek wisdom and guidance from the lessons left behind by this remarkable sportsman.

You can learn more about this incredible man and purchase a signed copy of the book at their website.

After listening to my interview with Terry you may feel as I do, that this could be an awesome movie. If you know anyone in the business please pass this along to them.



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