Rebecca Alexander with Olive - who you'll hear loves his squeaky toy :)

Rebecca Alexander with Goldendoodle Olive - who you'll hear loves his squeaky toy 🙂

The title of the article sent in by an ICI/PRO member hooked me immediately; What It's Like to Teach a Spin® Class When You're Going Deaf and Blind. 

What would it be like to be losing both your vision and hearing?

Can you even imagine how challenging it would be teach?

I just had to know more about Instructor Rebecca Alexander and then share her very inspiring story with you. Rebecca currently teaches at Equinox in New York City and has taught in the past at New York Sports Club, New York Health and Racquet and SoulCycle.

Rebecca has written the book Not Fade Away about her challenges with Usher Syndrome III, a disease that is slowly robbing her of both sight and hearing.

It was a delight for me to interview Rebecca - please enjoy our last podcast of 2014!

After listening to Rebecca's story, I encourage your to purchase and read her book using the link below. You can learn more at her website

Also, if your family tithes annually like ours, and you're looking for a place to make a last minute donation, please join Amy and me in contributing to Rebecca's Usher III Initiative. Donation information is here.



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