Indoor Cycling Studio Owner Steph Cohen

Meet Stephanie (Steph) Cohen - owner of Ride Revolution Cycling Studios in Northvale, NJ!

Steph is a member of our Cycling Studio Owners Advisory Group. In this episode of the Podcast, we discuss some of her most valuable lessons learned from running her successful studio for three years.

Name of Studio:                                Ride Revolution Cycling Studios, LLC
Location of Studio:                          Northvale, NJ
Phone:                                                   201-259-7221
Owner Name:                                     Steph Cohen
Owner Title:                                       Owner
Years in Operation:                         3 Years
Size of studio:                                    2,000 Sq. Feet
Number of members/clients:     2,400 Unique Visitors since opening

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  1. If you were advising somebody whose dream is to open a fitness studio — what would be your primary nuggets of advice?
  • Make sure the financial picture makes sense. The market where you are may not actually be able to hold your initial price per session. What are your earning projections if the price per session is a lower amount than originally offered?
  • Ensure you have a strong marketing budget. Too many studios forget this part or put it last on their budget list. While you are building your new place you need to begin the online and print advertising so that once you open locals will already recognize your name.
  • Have a clear mission — the “why” you opened your studio — and have that set the tone for all of your marketing and outreach. Make sure that your employees have the same vision in mind at all times as well.
  • In addition to having great instructors playing fabulous music, learn your client”™s names and remember their unique stories. That is what will make them want to come back again and again.
  • Be prepared to do EVERYTHING yourself for the first few years. I am the front desk, marketing coordinator, instructor manager AND I wash the towels every few days! No task is too big or too small for the owner to actually do for the studio.

Download all 16 of Steph Cohen's Most Valuable Lessons Learned here - right click > save as.

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