As promised, here's Chrispins' latest class profile; Sprintervals! unnamed

Created by Chris (AKA Chrispins) Hawthorne
Training Type: High Intensity Hills and Sprint Intervals
Total Class Length: 60 minutes
This profile is a high intensity mix of hills and sprints. It is comprised of 4-8 minute
intervals and one final 6 minute interval-the ‘big finish”™. Within each of the first four
intervals you will be using both seated and standing climbs with sprints between them.
Each of the four intervals ends with a recovery. The hills become progressively steeper
as the intervals progress. My classes usually end with one ‘big finish”™ song. I like to mix
it up, but it usually will consist of some type of seated sprint interval. The final song in
this profile is a 6 minute sequence consisting of three levels of intensity. It”™s the perfect
finish to a challenging profile.

Here are the PDF, Spotify Playlist and Chrispins' presentation of the profile below.

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Download the PDF to print here.



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