Chris and a few of her crew at the Y

Chris and a few of her crew at the Y

Spinning® Instructor and music expert Chris Hawthorne provides our latest class profile that uses the four cornerstone movements in the Spinning program®:

Think of this profile like a square track.  You will be taking your riders around the track four times.  The first time around the track, each movement will be given 4 minutes.  The second time around, 3 minutes. The third time around, 2 minutes.  Your final lap will be 1 minute per movement.

Each square, or corner on the track is a ‘cornerstone”™ movement:

Square One = Seated Flat (80-110 RPM)

Square Two= Standing Flat (80-110 RPM)

Square Three= Seated Climb (60-80 RPM)

Square Four= Standing Climb (60-80 RPM)

This to me is one of those profiles we all need to have in our "back-pocket" - and it will be perfect for a less experienced Instructor to use to teach a great class. As Chris says during the recording, her participants appreciate her simple & predictable profiles. Combined with her excellent playlist, Chris and I feel your class will enjoy Four Corners.

You may want to bookmark as a music resource 🙂

Four Corners PRO/Playlist in Spotify

Download the PROfile pdf



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