Top Spin Class Music PRO-Playlist in Spotify

We work hard here at ICI/PRO... so you don't have to 🙂

As a special treat for all our ICI/PRO members, we have assembled our Top 210 Indoor Cycling Songs as a One Click PRO/Playlist.

Our Top Indoor Cycling Class Music lists was a dream of Barbara Hoots and they have become the most popular free items we have ever offered. Now instead of wading through iTunes you can have this list as soon as you join Spotify.

Important note: Spotify only works with a wireless enabled device (iPhone, iPod Touch or Droid phone) using the Spotify App. It is completely separate from iTunes.

Spotify music can not be transferred to a conventional iPod. The iPod function offered in Spotify will only transfer the music you already have on your computer - replacing the normal iTunes function - and in the process it will replace everything you currently have on your iPod.

There are three ways to join Spotify;

  • Receive an invitation link from a friend - I have a bunch - email me and I will send you one.
  • Visit this page, submit your email and wait for them to send you an invitation.
  • Join Spotify as a Premium subscriber. It's only 9.99 a month and you can join for only a month or two if you want.

No, I don't benefit from you becoming a Spotify Premium Subscriber. I simply see Spotify as the perfect compliment to your ICI/PRO membership. The amount of time you save using PRO/Playlists should easily off-set the $10 a month cost.     


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