Turbine Sports Breathing Nose Nasal Opener

Finally, a nose ring that actually does something... but would you wear it while teaching?

I connect with the 'gear heads' in my classes by reminding them how our bodies convert a carbon based fuel source (food) into the energy that powers a bicycle. Which is very similar to how the engine in your car creates the power that propels you down the highway, using another carbon based fuel source > gasoline or diesel.

I wrote a pair of posts about the many similarities between engines and humans that you might enjoy; You”™re an engine… act like it. Part 1 and You”™re an engine… act like it. Part 2

No matter what source of fuel you're using, converting it into useful energy requires Oxygen (O2) and lots of it. Your car needs to ingest 15 pounds of O2 for every one pound of fuel burned. Not surprisingly, you need to breath in & out about the same amount of O2 to burn a pound of your last meal.

What limits the performance of both you and your car, is its ability to efficiently move air in and out.

There's a huge aftermarket industry that sells various components to improve how your car breathes. Now there's Turbine - a new sports breathing device from an Australian company that they say will improve how you breath, potentially increasing your performance.


Turbine increases airflow through the nose by an average of 38%, helping to reduce the feeling of breathlessness.  Simply put, by dilating your nose (even slightly) you can increase the amount of air going in and also, importantly, increase the amount of exhaust air (CO2) you can expel.  And, as you know, when you”™re going hard, every little bit helps.

Using Turbine allows you to breathe more efficiently with every breath, enabling the body to focus energy on the muscles that need it, when they need it.

When exercising, oxygen is extracted from the air in your lungs, absorbed into the blood stream and circulated to enable muscular contraction. Supplying your exercising muscles with the air they need, has a high energy cost; Turbine may help reduce this. Try it today and find out for yourself.

I tried out a Turbine during the show last week. I was amazed by the instant improvement in my ability to breath comfortably in and out through my nose. I brought home a few samples and will be trying them shortly to see if they can help me ride faster/stronger.

They make a companion product for eliminating snoring, that Amy was excited for me to try. They call it mu:te.




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