Immersive Fitness Studio Santa Monica 24 Hour Fitness


I just saw this announcement about a Immersive Fitness Studio that is opening at the 24 Hour Fitness in Santa Monica, CA. It included the picture at the top of this post - which I think was taken at a different location as the Indoor Cycles pictured are BodyBikes, not the NXT's cited in the article.

Les Mills is teaming up with 24 Hour Fitness to open the world”™s first permanent Immersive Fitness studio in Los Angeles.

Located within the 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport club in Santa Monica at 2929 31st Street, the studio is the first permanent location globally and will open to the public today, Nov. 22.

The newly installed Spinner NXT Black Belt Bikes will prove their workhorse abilities as the immersive cycling experience is launched.

Les Mills will open additional Immersive Fitness studios in 2015 in partnership with other global fitness leaders including CMG Sports (France) and Pure Fitness (Hong Kong), with other locations to be announced in the coming weeks.

Immersive Fitness adds a rich visual layer to music and group exercise.

Cinema quality video content is projected onto the screen of a purpose-built studio, while an instructor cues exercise moves that synchronise perfectly with music and graphics.

Riders in a cycle class get the sensation of ascending steep glaciers, sprinting around digital velodromes or cruising into a peaceful sunset.

The immersive experience creates a heightened sense of anticipation and reward for participants that leads to increased motivation and energy.

This sounds like a fancy version of Team ICG's MyRide+ system. My question is why the Black Belt* version of the Spinner® NXTs and not the Blade Ion's? Why no power? I'll be digging into that more and if I can get some answers I'll let you know.

*This reminded me that I never shared my thoughts on the belt version of the NXT - not much to say really. I'm not hearing of any major Big Box or small boutique studio who's purchasing any non-power indoor cycle, except for a few Schwinn AC's. I also don't agree with their choice of a high tension flat belt, which I feel is inferior to the Gates toothed belt offered on the FreeMotion S11.9 and Schwinn AC.    


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