When ICI/PRO member Kerri Fleisher showed me this video of her Kids Cycle class it was hard not to think "she may be on to something here..." I'm sure some will question the safety of small people on big bikes and I asked her about it. Kerri responded with ...

Safety is number one with me!!  (Fun is number two!).  I have my own kid in there!  I would NEVER put a child on a bike unless I was 100% sure they were safe, and if I sense they are getting tired and losing form, I make them take a break. I teach 100% off the bike so I can give my undivided attention to the kids!

Amy and I would have jumped at the chance to have our two girls participate in this class, when they were that age. It's sad that we have blocked kids from enjoying this form of exercise.

So what would happen if there were Kid Sized Indoor Cycles? That fit them properly ... With some fun music, like Kerri uses ... And fun programing?

Watch the video and post a comment about how you could make this happen in your club or studio if you had the proper equipment.


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