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I love sharing anything created by public speaking expert Alexa Fischer. She has just published part one of a free video series. I just finished watching this 13 min video and felt you may enjoy learning how to move past the negative thoughts that could be holding you back from effortlessly connecting with your riders.

When opportunities happen, it's up to you to be ready.
Whether it's chatting your boss up in the elevator, introducing yourself to a major influencer, sharing your new idea at the company retreat or effortlessly welcoming new neighbors, when you speak with confidence and calm - in any situation - it matters.

It matters to you, but it also matters to them.

Drum roll, please... I cordially invite you to watch VIDEO ONE of the 1000 Watt Presence: Free Training Series. No need to sign up, just click on the video and you'll be directed to the classroom. This week I'm sharing a few exercises to help you identify and release the habitual negative thoughts that have been holding you back. And the truth is, we all have them.

Positive thoughts are your fuel for happiness, success and clarity. Your inner scripts are the reason you have stopped yourself from speaking up, taking risks and seizing opportunities.  But habits can be changed.  Starting now.

The world needs your light.  Let it shine,


Click here to see the video.


Originally posted 2018-01-09 09:00:18.


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