I'm a very "random" person - just ask anyone who know's me - in that I'm not one for long term planning. That's why I so enjoy operating ICI/PRO... when I discover or hear something (or someone) that sounds like it would be of interest to you, I post about it or try to schedule an interview.

I find not knowing what tomorrow will bring very invigorating.

Stressful at times to be sure!

But as a whole, watching all the new developments in Indoor Cycling and communicating them to you is very motivating, and the randomness of it all fits my personality.

But I understand that some many of you prefer order - and we are working very hard to bring order to the massive amount of information we have amassed here over the past for years - as of today we have over 1,000 posts published 🙂

Behind the scenes we are developing a new website with our primary goal of making ICI/PRO a better resource for members; i.e. making everything easier to find. Not an easy task to be sure.

For example, this morning I was focused on ensuring that all of our 20+ informative articles about using Spotify were actually findable, if you click on the Spotify category tag in the information at the top of each Post.

They weren't, but are now.

Another part of our planned redesign will be a place to feature Indoor Cycling Instructors and the Studios where they teach. With nearly everyone owning a digital camera, we'd love a short video of you walking us through the place where you teach. Nothing fancy, maybe just a minute or two of you saying hello, telling us the name of your club, where it's located, showing off your studio, introducing us to your boss/manager/club owner, etc...

I'm sending out an email this morning to ICI/PRO members explaining the details.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring order to my randomness.


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