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#18 - that was my ride and it knew me 🙂

How cool is this? I hadn't experienced an Indoor Cycling studio that offered reserved seats before. It had me feeling like a VIP when Amy and I visited CB Cyclebarn, Karen Casler's studio last month.

The website system she uses integrates her Mindbody account with the class rider data collected by Performance IQ. I thought you might like to see the string of conformation and followup emails the system creates automatically.

First let's reserve a spot in the class. I didn't think to take a screen shot at the time so I'm showing tomorrow's schedule.

Indoor cycle bike spot reservation system

Better hurry and sign up now for Jen's 7 am class! There's only 2 spots left.

Next you select your bike - just like picking a seat on an airplane or at a concert. The image is for Bart's 11:00 am class. Note how you can pick a bike that has your type of pedals.

Select your bike in the indoor cycling class

Once you've completed your purchase you receive a conformation email - all this happens automatically. 

Bike reservation conformation email

Having a confirmed seat, in a sold out class, is awesome.

A friendly reminder is appreciated by scatter brains like me.

spin® bike reservation system

After the class I checked my email and saw all of my performance data. I wasn't wearing a heart rate strap in this class. If I had that data would show as well.

Indoor Cycle Performance date email

Receiving this information had me wanting to return to see if I could improve my average.

Amy and I were very impressed by this system and feel it will really get your participants excited about training with power on a consistent schedule! The website integration system is offered by LiveEdit and will work with these Indoor Cycles with power; FreeMotion S11.9, Spinner® Blade Ion and the Schwinn AC Performance.

Disclosure - Amy recently joined LiveEdit as a representative, specializing in helping new Indoor Cycling Studios. She would enjoy answering your questions. or feel free to call her 320-685-0183


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