Pearl iZumi discount bike clothing

I love seeing long-time sponsor Pearl iZumi offering a special clothing sale I can share with our ICI/PRO Platinum annual members.

Through the end of the month members can purchase anything Pearl makes at our PRO/Purchase 40% discount and pay no shipping.

The clothing and footwear displayed are all current models - not a few old/discontinued/closeouts they're trying to dump.

Which has me poking around on our special website page this morning. My current want need is for a cool weather jacket, for mornings when it's below 45°F or so at the start. That's too cold for just arm-warmers and my Pearl winter jacket is way too much for a rapidly warming day... I need something in between.

This looks like it might work 🙂

Discount pearl iZumi cycling clothing

Many ICI/PRO members report saving the entire cost of their $97.95 membership with just a few purchases. I will save $70.00 on this jacket alone and I haven't begun to think about Christmas presents. In case you're wondering, the total value of our sponsorship with Pearl goes into your discount. We don't benefit from your purchases. 

Click here to start your ICI/PRO Platinum subscription today.




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