OK, so mid August may be a little bit early to start asking people to come back to your class. But I don't feel that there's any harm in giving some thought (and maybe some preparation) in how you plan to encourage past students to return to class this Fall.

Here is an excellent article from Club Industry contributor Christine Thalwitz that reinforces the need to collect contact info on participants throughout the Indoor Cycling season.

Keep in Touch with Lost Members So You Can Win Them Back One Day

Blame it on the down economy, poor service or a life change. Whatever the reason, most health clubs lose at least 20 percent to 40 percent of their members each year. The good news is that many former members are ready to come back if you just ask them.

At my club, ACAC Fitness and Wellness Centers, referrals from existing members are our top source for new membership sales, but former members who rejoin are a strong second. Many companies do not take any special steps to recapture lost members, but ignoring these individuals constitutes a massive missed opportunity. 

Last week, while I was riding a century, the course took me past a restaurant that Amy and I used to eat at occasionally - but haven't for years. Why haven't we gone back there? I thought. I really liked it, but I've completely forgotten about this place.  Had they sent me an occasional letter or email there's a good chance we would have returned. But they didn't - so we didn't return.

Back in September of 2008 I recorded ICI Podcast #5 — ten steps to building up your class numbers. In it I share my strategies for class promotion. These steps have worked for me and I hope, if you haven't heard them before, that they help you fill your class this fall!

One note: In the Podcast I encourage you to start your own Blog, which obviously dates when I published this. Now my recommendation is to start a Facebook group where you can communicate what's happening in your class. 

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