Keiser and Garmin

Data Collection for the Power Accuracy Research project

On the last blog post (8/11/17) v we spent a considerable amount of time showing how we set up the test, the equipment, calibrating the power pedals for each trial, positioning all of our data collection tools, and just preparing each test in a methodical manner.  This post picks up where we left off and is the only video blog showing the entire test performed on the Keiser m3 with the Vector Power Pedals. This was done so that the reader can see the precise protocol used for all of the trials for all of the different bikes and the repeats with the same bikes.

I only recorded one full session (out of the 25 to 30 total that I performed) as a “reference” session so that the full and complete protocol can be understood and seen. You can even follow along with your own bike if you want to ride while you watch this video.

The most interesting thing to note is that you can see the power clearly as the test progresses between the Keiser and the read out on the Garmin. The variance is significant.

Watch the 2nd video blog.

Indoor Cycling Power Accuracy Research from Cycling Fusion on Vimeo.


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