Studio Owner Alison Zemanek

Studio Owner Alison Zemanek

I woke up this morning to a very nice note from Studio Owner Alison Zemanek.

Hi John,

I just want to express to you how much I love your site.  Thank you for putting together such a wonderful resource!
I recently opened a Cycling Studio in Longmont, CO
(BreakAway Cycle & Strength Studio).  I was lucky enough to find instructors who have been certified and teaching for over 10-15 years, but who have pursued continuing education throughout that time and fully embrace the true meaning of IC 2.0.  We use it at the studio and our clients love it.
We are all cyclists, as are many of our clients, so that helps.  But even non-cyclist appreciate the higher volume of work that can be done when you are not scrambling constantly between 15 second full out efforts and 45 seconds zero effort recoveries.  They also appreciate being able to understand the relationship between cadence, resistance, and power output.
I would love to use the term Indoor Cycling 2.0 to describe what we do at BreakAway!
Thanks so much!


Thanks for your kind words Alison - you made my day!

Her studio is called BreakAway Cycle & Strength and is located north of Boulder, in Longmont Colorado. From the looks of her very nice website, it appears that Alison and her Instructor team really do practice Indoor Cycling 2.0!

BreakAway offers a mix of cycling and strength classes using TRX - what I see as the perfect combination for maximizing revenue for any boutique studio.

If you are considering opening an Indoor Cycling Studio, Alison's website design is very impressive. It communicates all of the key benefits to her offerings including regularly scheduled intro cycling and TRX classes!

Intro to Indoor Cycling -The Basics

So, you”™ve never taken an indoor cycling class before and you”™re just a bit intimidated. If that sounds like you, then you should take this class. We”™ll go over the core moves done during cycling classes, some safety basics, what to wear, and will answer any individual questions you may have. The Schwinn AC Performance bike has an amazing console computer, but if you don”™t know what to do with the data, then it”™s not a very useful tool. We”™ll go over the computer with you and tell you about all the ways it can be used.

Introduction to TRX

You”™ve seen the crazy straps hanging from the big metal anchor…but you”™re not too sure what it”™s all about. That”™s why we offer this free 20-minute intro class. Sign up and come in to learn everything you”™ll need to know in order to join future TRX classes.

If you're reading this and wondering; what exactly is Indoor Cycling 2.0?

Indoor Cycling 2.0 â„¢ — is the transition from entertainment based exercise (fun, but without purpose and rarely effective) to results driven training (the stuff that works, just ask any real endurance athlete)

You can achieve it through the introduction of specific measurement tools; Heart Rate MonitorsCadence (RPM) indicatorsPower Meters and Periodization into your classes.

Our mission here at ICI/PRO is to provide you with the tools and information you need to to teach a successful Indoor Cycling 2.0 â„¢ class.

Indoor Cycling 2.0 is a trademark of Deep Breath In, LLC (my company) and is free for you to use as long as you credit us as the source.

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