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The three Moms who run Wheel Power Studio; Stephanie Rubinstein, Tracy Chutnow and Donnie Stutland

Here's a fun studio pre-launch story you'll enjoy hearing - especially if you're planning a new studio yourself.

Former Flywheel Sports Instructor Tracy Chutnow partnered with former participants Donnie Stutland and Stephanie Rubinstein to launch Wheel Power Studio in Deerfield, IL.

During our interview, Tracy and Donnie explain how exciting it was to pre-sell class packages - generating profits long before their Zingfit website was completed or studio was open. These early purchases helped to reinforce their commitment to opening an Indoor Cycling studio + resulted in full classes from day one!

They both credited Charlie Green website design for creating an effective website landing page, that they promoted on social media. You can click the image below to request information.

Indoor Cycling Fitness Studio Zingfit Website Design

You can hear their story below - or - you'll find this Podcast in our iTunes feed. You can subscribe for free here.


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