advertising to women through indoor cycling

Totally random observation...

You know we've gone mainstream when a large advertiser like Gillette, begins connecting their products to Indoor Cycling.

I ran across this article today in the online version of Shape Magazine. Seems like a typical bit of content designed to attract readers who have an interest in SoulCycle / Indoor Cycling.

Sure, sitting on the stationary bike and powering through a brutal "hill" climb in an indoor cycling class can be super challenging, but new research shows you”™d be better off getting out of the saddle–even if that slows you down a bit. A recent study in The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research found that standing climbs and “runs” provide the greatest cardio response in spin class (compared to sitting) even when you're not pedaling at your max effort. (Check out 8 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training.) You should, however, be sure to maintain good form while standing–if you get hurt, you won”™t be able to ride seated or standing! Take these four tips from Kaili Stevens, a SoulCycle instructor in New York City, to heart next time you hop on the bike.

This article is correct - we reported last year about a similar study conducted by Dr. Len Kravitz at the University of New Mexico that came up the same conclusions.

What caught my attention wasn't the article itself, but the image of a very fit and serious women riding a time trial bike - she's even wearing an aero helmet. The background gives the impression of power and speed. And there at the bottom of the image is an ad banner for a women's razor. That made me smile 🙂

I'm willing to bet that this post was created specifically as an advertisement for Gillette. Online magazines exist for only one reason, to make money. The bulk of their revenue comes from advertisers. Publishers like Shape have small armies of creative people who dream up ways to build promotions around advertisers. This article is a great example.

So my question for you. Is Indoor Cycling becoming mainstream a good thing?


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