I had an awesome phone call from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) today. The nice man told me that because of our sterling (we've never had a complaint) reputation, the BBB had upgraded our company's rating to A+... their highest rating 🙂

Like many other business, our actual name (Deep Breath In, LLC) is different from how we are known publicly - indoorcycleinstructor.com and ICI/PRO. The only place you'd see our name is on your credit card statement - which has to be listed as Deep Breath In, LLC vs. ICI/PRO. This has, at times, created some confusion; "honey, what's this charge on our credit card from Deep Breath In, LLC?"  

Of course that wasn't the only reason why he called - the BBB offers a special "Accreditation" (which would remove the "This Business is not BBB Accredited" notification) for an annual fee of $490.00. I thanked him for recognising that we take very good care of our ICI/PRO members, but I would pass on the additional expense.

You can see our company's A+ rating here.

Is your business BBB Accredited? I don't know for sure, but I'll bet that it's more important for higher ticket products or services. I am curious to know if you feel it's worth the $500.00 a year cost.


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