Reebok One Fitness Instructor Discount Program

While Reebok doesn't make cycling shoes or apparel, they do make some fabulous workout wear. So when I saw this new fitness instructor 25% discount program, I knew I needed to share it with you.

ReebokONE gives credentialed fitness instructors 25% off everything in their catalog - there are no restrictions like their old program that limited you to a clothing for your gender and shoes only in your size.

You can use this link to apply to the ReebokONE Instructor Discount Program which offers free shipping and free 30 day returns/exchanges.

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I was having a conversation last week at the ECA conference, with a women who was looking through a rack of fitness clothing. I had asked her why the clothing vendors appeared to be so popular. She gave me the "Duh" look and explained that she was constantly on the lookout for the newest styles. Fitness conferences are often the place to see the latest offerings. As a somewhat typical guy, I'm not overly concerned about what I wear, but I am quite aware that some people's sense of style is much greater than mine = a strong desire to be wearing what's new and cool.

I signed up to experience the process. It's pretty straight forward, although you do need to attach a scanned image of your certification. They offer you the option to create an Instructor profile and they offer a referral commission program that you can promote to your friends and participants.

Annual ICI/PRO member Instructors: don't forget you get access to our special arrangement with Pearl iZumi where you receive a 40% discount off everything



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