Every Podcast is still available here on our website.

I've described my Love/Hate relationship with Apple in the past. Here's another example of the "Hate" component.

ICI/PRO Members who have updated to the iOS 9 - the latest operating software for idevices (iPhones and iPads) - might notice a new "issue" when attempting to listen some (but not all) of our Audio PROfiles.

Podcast Not Available notifications while using the Podcast app. There appears to be a change that is preventing the app from recognising that we are providing multiple MP3s, so the app is confused and won't serve anything.

We are currently working on a solution and we will let everyone know when we've solved this.

There's also an issue for new subscribers we're trying to fix!

Pre iOS 9, we had a simple method for subscribing to your personal RSS feed. Clicking your RSS link at used to automaticly open the Podcast app on your iDevice and ask if you wanted to subscribe to the members only Podcast.

The iOS 9 update includes a new "News" app that is feed articles via RSS news feeds = it opens, instead of the Podcast app, when you click the RSS link 🙁

Look for an update on this as well ASAP.


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