ICI/PRO member Dr. Marc Schlosberg is one of those Early Adopters you've no doubt heard discussed in the media. This group is quick to experiment with and embrace new technology. Marc was one of the first Instructors to use Spotify in his classes and he joined me on the podcast to discuss this (at the time) exciting new option for delivering music to our classes. Marc sent me this email yesterday, providing his comments related to my conversation with Chris Hawthorne on Podcast #303

Hi John,

I was listening to the latest podcast and heard about the Spotify syncing issues.  I have a couple of suggestions/solutions.  I think the reason rebooting all units works to fix syncing is that the newest versions are then installed on all devices.  I believe syncing problems develop when Spotify updates and there is a version mismatch. You don”™t always know this is the case or sometimes it”™s difficult to track that one device has updated, but you haven”™t checked the others. Simply shutting Spotify down, checking for updates and updating it,  then restarting the program should solve the problem.   You have to do this with all the devices you use. 

Another roadblock to syncing is lack of space on a device.  It won”™t tell you you”™re out of space, but won”™t take individual tracks offline — they stay grey rather than green.  It”™s a good idea to switch playlists to online only after you”™ve used them to preserve space (except for those you always like to have in your back pocket).   You could also delete unused apps to make room.  My iPhone is 16gb and I”™ve run into this problems (and 16gb used to be an unimaginable amount of space).  It”™s probably less of an issue for those with 32gb and up or Android devices with huge plugin memory — unless the memory is full.

Whoa — it looks like Spotify updated their iPhone interface yet again while I was writing this.

Hope this helps.

Take care,


Thanks for this Marc! Your suggestion that available storage maybe limiting the number of "off line" playlists is a good one and begs the question; "how can I tell how full is the memory on my iPhone?"

There are a couple of places that will show you how much space/memory you've got left. My preference is to go to: Settings > General > Usage... where at the top you'll see how much room there is for a few more playlists.

iPhone Memory

This also shows you all the other memory hungry Apps on your phone. One common culprit is your camera's memory and all those pictures and HD videos. Downloading them to your computer and then deleting can free up some space.

Depending on your settings, Podcasts download automatically and can quickly crowd out your favorite playlists. Open your Podcast App select a specific Podcast > Settings > Episodes to keep and select a number to save (Last 2 / Last 5 / ect...) instead of All.

Do you have any other tricks you can share?



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