New Podcast App replaces iTunes

There's maybe a new App on your iPhone when you update to OS 6.0

Wasn't I just saying; if it wasn't for Podcasts, I would rarely (if ever) use iTunes?

Well I now iPhone/iPad users can access The Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast through a new Podcast App, completely bypassing iTunes.


This new Podcast App changes how ICI/PRO members will subscribe to the premium RSS feed (Super Secret iTunes Feed) that allows you to download Member's Only Audio PROfiles and PRO/Podcasts. 

For ICI/PRO members who were already subscribing - no worries. Your settings will automatically move everything to the new Podcast App.

Any ICI/PRO members wanting to use their iPhone to download and listen to our Member's only content please visit this page for simple instructions to adding your premium feed to the new Podcast App.

Some of you may have noticed the new Podcast App - it installed automatically for me - but not everyone I've talked to - when you upgraded to OS 6.0. You do upgrade your iPhone or Android device when prompted, don't you? Sounds like another Best Practices.

I'm seeing the new Podcast App as a big improvement, actually the whole OS 6.0 update as a big improvement, because now many common tasks can be done wirelessly. In other words; YOU ARE NO LONGER A SLAVE TO CONNECTING YOUR iPHONE TO A COMPUTER WITH THE CORD! Which of course is one of the benefits to Spotify - everything is done using a wireless connection 🙂

If you turn on the free iCloud storage and enable the iCloud Backup there may not be any reason to connect your iPhone to your computer at all.

This new App completely bi-passes iTunes. Once you've added the App here's a few tips and suggestions:

In the main Settings area (where you turn on Airplane mode) scroll down to Podcasts and be sure that Use Cellular Data is off so you don't burn through your Data plan 🙁

Open the Podcast App and select a Podcast. Clicking the arrow as shown takes you to the setting screen...

... can set the subscription to update and download new episodes whenever you have wireless service. 

Let me know your questions.

Originally posted 2012-10-10 08:14:49.


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