Tom Scotto Joins ICI/PRO Indoor Cycle

Tom at the ICI/PRO conference - Cycling Fusion photo

Tom Scotto has been a welcomed (but infrequent) contributor here at for the past two years. He impressed all of us at the ICI/PRO conference last fall. I think it was Amy who said "beyond his incredible knowledge as a USA Cycling Coach and his charming personality, Tom just looks good on a bike" 🙂

You can read Tom's full bio here.

We first met Tom back in 2009 in this interview about Stage 5 Cycling and their very comprehensive Indoor Cycling Certification program. Fast forward to today where Stage 5 Cycling and Cycling Fusion have merged, with Tom as the new organisation's Education & Sports Director.

If you haven't had a chance to see Tom's coaching style please take a look at this video from a training workshop I attended this past summer at Breathe Denver.

Tom will now be contributing articles and engaging with our community on a regular basis. During my recruitment call with Tom, he admitted he had multiple Audio PROfiles bouncing around in his head. Tom and I are committed to recording them for our ICI/PRO members to enjoy, starting this weekend!

But it doesn't end there;

Tom also has a stable of USA Cycling Coaches that work for him at Stage 5 Cycling. They all are accomplished Indoor Cycling Instructors / presenters as well. Tom has promised to bring these talented people to ICI/PRO, offering us more diversity than ever before! Take a minute and visit and you will begin to understand why I'm so excited I can hardly type this...

Oh, I almost forgot this part:


Audio works great for Podcast Interviews and communicating information via our Audio PROfiles, but not so great for helping you learn Presentation Skills, displaying and demonstrating proper form/techniques and some people just learn better when they can watch what's being described.

There are multiple reasons we haven't had more Video PROfiles and training Videos:

  • Video is more difficult and time consuming to produce.
  • You need a studio that works (lighting and sound)
  • We all know how hard it is to teach an energetic class with only a few participants. Finding willing participants, at the right studio, at the right time is maddening to coordinated.
  • Then there's a huge licensing liability of publishing a video without the rights to use the music - and I don't see videos without music as being very appealing ... or useful.
John Macgowan interviews Tom Scotto

I interviewed Tom Scotto at the Cycling Fusion Keystone Summit - Cycling Fusion photo

Enter Cycling Fusion to the rescue!  They operate the Global Ride Studio where they are regularly produce Indoor Cycling Class videos, with a room full of students, using fantastic music that they have license to legally use. Just ask Amy or Leslie Mueller, they both loved the music used for the class videos they did there. I personally can't wait to watch them 🙂 Cycling Fusion will be producing special Video PROfiles, on a monthly schedule, for our ICI/PRO members.

There's lots more to look forward to. If you are not an ICI/PRO member yet there has never been a better time to get started. Click here to begin your $1.00 - seven day trial membership.

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