Where is the soulcycle iphone app can't find it in iTunes

Err, where's the SoulCycle iPhone App?

I'll bet somebody at Apple/iTunes is getting an ear-full this morning...

SoulCycle sent out an email this morning, announcing their new iPhone App. The email included this link to their App in the iTunes store... which of course opens in iTunes so you can download the software.

Except most people (like me) don't use iTunes to install an App. We download and install Apps directly from our phones.

Which is great as long as the App Store can find SoulCycle's App when a user (in this case me) searches for SoulCycle... which returns two available Apps, neither is the SoulCycle App 🙁

So I guess I'll have to go old-school and transfer it from my computer, before I can review it!

413 Update - I'm now seeing you can search and find this now in the App Store using your iPhone.


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