I just became aware of a new Indiegogo campaign for an innovative* method of pedaling a bicycle. Similar in functionality to a KrankCycle, the Caron Bicycle uses independent left/right crankarms that create 6 different pedalling movements.

They have their crankset installed on a conventional IC in this video. Watch and then tell me if you feel these added exercises would improve your class... or is it just a solution in search of a problem that doesn't really exist?

This animated video shows the various muscle activation from the different pedalling techniques.

*I'd be curious to know if Matrix has patents on the KrankCycle that would extend to a leg powered bicycle?

In case you haven't seen the KrankCycle in action:

Caron claims this on their campaign page:

Technology for CARON Bicycle is protected by patents worldwide, including               US Pat. No. 7,544,139.

It might be cool to observe power output - especially during one legged work 🙂


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