More and more I'm hearing and seeing how Instructors are experimenting with riding in with the class, rather than presenting up-front-and-center on the traditional "Instructor Bike".

It's fun to mix it up and IMO, an imperative when teaching to a structured Virtual Ride DVD.

But riding away from the music controls creates a technical difficulty; how do you make adjustments to the sound volume?

I witness this firsthand, while riding in an unnamed (but very attractive) Instructor's class this morning.

Her playlist included a bunch of very interesting mashups of popular tunes. Which made for a great class... except that a number of tracks had been mixed at varying sound levels. After hitting play, our unnamed Instructor took her position with the rest of class in the front row, leaving her iPod up on the sound equipment cabinet. Everything was going as planned until one of the mashups came on REALLY LOUD! She hopped off her cycle, walked up to her iPod, quickly turn down the volume and returned to her bike. Problem solved.

Solved that is until the next song which was very quiet. Not wanting to disrupt the class any further she left it where it was, leaving me wanting to yell out "turn up your music!" Out of respect for another Instructor, I didn't say anything during her class.

But I will offer you two possible solutions, Amy:

  • I can order you a very long cord for your iPod.
  • I can lend you my Bluetooth receiver and show you how you can connect wirelessly using your Android phone.

I'm here to help and you know where to find me.

Actually there's another reason I've found to go wireless - many accessory cases prevent the 1/8" plug on the connection cord from being fully inserted into your phone. So it doesn't work with the case installed 🙁

In my case I was forever taking off my iPhone's case so I could plug in the cord. When I got tired of the hassle, I quit using the case altogether. And then promptly dropped my iPhone, breaking the back glass panel - not good. So a Best Practice for any Instructor is to invest in a $25.00 (with free Prime shipping) for this Bluetooth receiver and not need to invest in a $549.00 replacement iPhone.

Speaking of riding along with your class... I Shazam'd this track last night, Come Along from Vicci Martinez. It conveys the essence of exactly what I'm trying to communicate to my students as we push through a tempo Threshold effort together. There's a wonderful refrain the you can add to your cuing at the 2:27 mark; Time Fly's, Make a Statement, Take a Stand... and finishes with; Take... Your... Shot!

I felt you might like it.

Vicci Martinez — Come Along


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