rescue CD for indoor cycling class music

This isn't good... I had two Oh Shit "senior moments" in the same week ūüôĀ

The first was when I arrived at the Laguardia airport on Friday, only to discover I had left my wallet and ID back in the safe at the hotel where I had stayed in NYC. So I missed my flight back to Minneapolis and made another loop back into the city to retrieve my forgotten items. Thankfully USAirways has some compassion for people like me and they placed me on a later flight back home

But this morning was actually worse. It was 5:45 am. I was parked at the club, collecting my stuff to teach. I said outloud (to myself) "Where's my iPhone?" And then remembered (or is it realised?) that I had left it back home on the kitchen counter. "Now what do I do?"

And then I remembered, you have the rescue CD that you created for just such an occasion. I relaxed a bit, as I thought about where I would retrieve my CD.

It's in my employee folder...

In the steel cabinet...

Which is in the Group Fitness Dept Head's office...


OH CRAP - now what am I going to do?

During the short run accross the parking lot and into the club, I came up with a plan. "we will be riding to the sounds of riding outdoors!" So as soon as I was dressed and in the studio, I announced just that and we all rode along to the Epic Planet DVD Epic Race Day. This DVD is complete with all of the sounds of riding a road bike during a criterium - including the cheers of  all of your adoring fans!

Actually this was an inexcusable, rookie mistake that should have never happened. I know better than to not have a second option for music. I had gotten lazy and too confident that my trusty iPhone would always be there for me. Until I forgot to bring it.

So while I'm typing this post, I'm burning a few CDs that I will stash in my car, as  well as in the cycling studio. Here's to having a backup plan!

Do you have one?

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