life time fitness cycle club C ride 2015

Fun 17.75 mile C ride = my chance to develop more new outdoor riders!

I don't know if this is true where you live, but we are enjoying a fantastic spring here in Minnesota. Yesterday was 70 and sunny. I did a little multitasking = hammered for two hours, while pre-riding the two "C" loops I've created for our Life Time Fitness Cycling Club.

To create a new route for a group ride >

  1. Decide on an appropriate distance and then map the route on It's super easy to use; create a free account, click Create a New Route, center the map on your starting location, then just click along the path you want to follow. You're shown the cumulative mileage as you go and there are edit tools (I use the undo a lot) so you can make changes until you've configured your ride. Then give your new ride a name and then Save Route. You will find a link to your new route that can be easily shared via email, or if you paste it into Facebook it will display the map.
  2. Then take a test ride (the fun part) to check for any construction work or other concerns. Oh, and to learn the route yourself if you'll be the leader.

I feel it's important to give new riders a chance to lead. There are situations when I might be the only lead on the ride. Assigning a new leader is helpful so I can fall back and check on others and assist those needing help. I've learned not to ask; "can you be the new leader?" New riders almost always say NO! Instead I casually tell them; "you're the leader now... keep a steady speed and I'll be back shortly". Before disappearing to the rear, I will also tell the new leader what's coming up; the next turn, any concerns, safety hazards, etc.

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