Improvisation in theatre, comedy or Indoor Cycling is an art that can be improved through trial and practice. Learning to improvise is an important skill that will improve your class presentation and make you a more entertaining Instructor. Disappointedly, I'm just now realizing that we haven't spent much time educating our ICI/PRO members on this important skill.

One of my all-time favorite TV shows was Whose Line Is It Anyway? - In each unscripted episode a troupe of comedians improvise a skit, after being presented with unique/goofy props or are presented with an interesting storyline. The results were often hilarious:


Why Whose Line Is It Anyway? was, IMO, so entertaining, was how confident the participants were. They just-go-with-it > instantly responding to whatever situation they faced... no matter what it was. Part of this was natural ability, but I'll bet that each member has years of experience reacting to external forces, developing their instincts to the point where they're found to be funny/entertaining.

Instructors need to know how to improvise... to their class and playlist

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In the series Hey Team > How Would You Answer This Question?, we had a bunch of great suggestions on how to connect music to your ride. I didn't share my ideas in the first two parts. I will be tomorrow and it will be geared toward practicing to improvise: adapting your cues, activities and intensity in response to what you're hearing... what the music is prompting you to do.

Depending on your relationship with your riders, you might get away with a running a fully improvisational class. Announce at the beginning that you plan to just-go-with-it and have fun. NOTE: if you're ever surprised to have a DJ show up and plan to control the music in your class > you'll be thankful for this training.

A better option may be to cue up today's free track and ride it by yourself. 40 minutes of constantly changing songs and mashups that will keep you on your toes as you improvise with each change. Give this a try and see where the music takes you. You might discover you have an undiscovered talent 🙂

Improv practice track Mashup Germany - Right Click, Save As


Go and have some fun![/wlm_private]


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