There's an old saying that goes; "I've been at this so long... I've forgotten much of what I didn't know, when I first started." I've taught Indoor Cycling classes since 1998ish. A long time ago for sure. Even back then I had an advantage over most new Instructors. I'm married to the "Senior Group Fitness Instructor" in my family. Amy began her fitness career in 1994 and Spinning® in 1995. She was there for many of my early classes to help guide and critique me and my classes. I had her positioned front-center in the class during my first audition at Life Time - yes, I passed 🙂

So a lot of time has passed between those first classes and today. It's hard for me to think back on the nervousness and insecurity that's common in most new instructors. What's needed is a newer Instructor who's willing to share their ideas and solutions. That sounds like my friend Lena Hershey 🙂

This page at leanlena.com has links to multiple articles writen by Lena > New Instructor Tips specifically for those of you just getting started in your teaching carreer 🙂



Originally posted 2015-04-03 09:59:07.


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