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Spotify had a big announcement yesterday > sounds like they're going directly after iTunes with a confidence that really surprises me. After all, we're talking about Apple here - the company with the largest market value of any company on earth. Kind of like my four pound Yorkie Maxx attacking our neighbor's German Shepherd!

Good for them 🙂

Streaming music service Spotify has announced new features including adding podcasts and video; music that adapts to the listener”™s running pace; and the promise of smarter abilities to serve the right playlists for the time of day, activity and habits of the user.

The company”™s launch event in New York on Wednesday, helmed by its chief executive Daniel Ek, offered some deeper clues about how Spotify is evolving, and the key challenges it faces as it aims to grow beyond its current 60 million active users, of whom 15 million pay for the service.

Spotify is biting back at Apple
Recent months have seen a wave of stories about Apple”™s supposed backroom machinations with music labels, encouraging them to clamp down on Spotify”™s free, unlimited streaming service — which in turn would boost the prospects for Apple”™s upcoming relaunch of its Beats Music. Read the rest here.

How do I get the ICI/PRO podcast on Spotify?

With many of us spending more and more time on Spotify, and away from iTunes, being able to cue up one of our latest episodes on Spotify would be awesome. So while I await my update signal from Spotify's server, I thought I would look into how I submit the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast to the new podcast offering from Spotify.

Here's what I found. With iTunes, Stitcher or any other Podcast service, publishers like ICI/PRO submit a link to the show RSS feed - here's mine - and this feed tells iTunes what episodes are available and when there's a new one, ready to be downloaded. It appears that Spotify is using the Panoply podcast network as the source for their on demand audio content.

So stay tuned. I'll make an announcement ASAP.  Oh, for the last few of you who haven't yet, Spotify has an intro offer to upgrade to premium: $0.99 for three months.


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