I'll let you in on my little secret.edit button

I edit many of my interviews. When my guest misspeaks, has a few too many ums/ahs/likes/you knows or they run off topic. They tend to say "stop" and then ask "please edit that out".

Although I've been asked multiple times, I never agree to let a guest listen and then approve the final recording. I also never agree to edit or delete anything just because a guest says; "I sound awful!" I've learned that people are just too critical of themselves > especially when they're not used to hearing a recording of themselves in conversation

But more frequently I'm editing myself out of the recording. That's right. Even after recording over 300 interviews I still; talk way too fast and my tongue get's all tied up, signal my agreement with the same, tired; "that's awesome" or "OK, so..." and it drives me crazy!!!!

So I edit it much of it out and you never hear it 🙂

Unfortunately none of us has an edit button we can hit during a live conversation or class presentation.

Like you, I love learning and improving. I've recently been going through an online training course to improve my speaking and presenting skills. The course is called How to Create a 1000 Watt Presence Learn business communication skills for personal and career success by actress and communication coach Alexa Fischer. I really enjoyed this particular video (one of over 40 in the course) and Alexa has given me permission to offer it to you.   

What grabbed me during the intro of this video is when Alexa says; "But unless you're a professional performer...." Aren't we all are Professional Performers? The PRO in ICI/PRO is short for Professional.... as in Indoor Cycle Instructor Professional.

I feel I am a Professional. Do you?

Here is the PDF she refers to that you can use to (as she says) compassionately critique your recording and then begin the process of improving your communication skills through changing how you speak. NOTE: the correct link to the Fricken Fillers video is here > it's broken in the PDF.

Here is a past Podcast that explains an easy way you can record your own class, using your iPhone or Android phone.

You can check out Alexa's complete training program here at Udemy.




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