ICI/PRO Podcast host Joey has an amazing conversation with Robin Robertson and her innovative program Cycle Moles.

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We have edited the following information from Robin's site. You can reach the site at: https://www.betrainingtennis.com/cycle-moles

Cycle Moles Training Camps

The Cycle Moles camps are designed as 8-week Training Camps that are a performance enhancing, progressive training program. They are geared toward cyclists, but part of the beauty of the programs is that you do not have to be a competitive cyclist to reap the benefits.  The training is periodized and designed to progress the riders through their development. This is the next best thing to having a personal coach.

The program has two levels: Level 1: Appropriate for those who have a base level of aerobic fitness. You”™ll learn secrets that will change the way you ride to make you more efficient and powerful both indoors and outside.  Level 1 training sessions are 60 minutes and include a coached ride plus stretching.

Level 2: for the seasoned cyclist, triathlete, endurance event enthusiast or individual with a strong aerobic base who wants to improve cycling performance.  We heat up the intensity of the rides throughout the camp so that you”™ll end with a much stronger level of fitness and improvements in your pedal stroke and power.  Level 2 training sessions are 90 minutes and include a 75 minute coached ride plus 15 minutes for the Core 100 and stretching.

Below is the Foundation Ride information that Robin Speaks about in the episode. Take your time and look at this, it is amazing information. The jpeg files below are linked to the full PDF files.



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