Teach as an Instructor at Peloton Cycle

Peloton Cycle recently raised $307,332 through a Kickstarter project to help fund the design and manufacture their new Peloton Indoor Cycle. Awesome on its own, but they also have plans to live-stream digital classes directly to the user's home from the new Peloton Cycling Studio they're building in New York City.

And not just your garden variety Indoor Cycling classes. Nope. Their plans are to employee the very best Instructors on the planet and to recruit them, they're willing to pay these Rock Star Instructors up to $500.00 for each class they teach.

Sound interesting? You can visit their Instructor's Wanted page to learn more.

Here's the promo video they did for their Kickstarter project that explains everything.

Listen to my interview with Peloton's COO & Co founder Tom Cortese below and if you haven't yet, please subscribe to our free Podcast in iTunes.



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